This week in Dover

This week in Dover

by James DeChene

HS1 to HB1, a bill that would restrict employers’ ability to ask applicants about their salary history, passed the House and will now go to the Senate Labor Committee for consideration. The State Chamber worked with the bill sponsor to modify the language to, among other things, take it out of the discrimination section of statute, and instead provide for civil penalties.

Also of note was the House passage of HB99, which would income means test and change the residency requirement for seniors to apply the $500 school property tax credit from three years to ten.

The Senate passed the second leg of a constitutional amendment, changing the ways in which new expenses can be added to the State’s Highway Trust Fund. The Chamber, and other business groups, advocated for this change in the last session. A constitutional amendment must pass in two consecutive sessions, and its journey now takes to the House Transportation Committee for review.

And finally, the State Chamber of Commerce wishes to offer condolences to the family of Cpl. Stephen J. Ballard, the Delaware State Trooper killed in the line of duty this week. Our thoughts and prayers go out to you.