This Week in Dover

This Week in Dover

by James DeChene

Following a week where Governor Carney released his ‘State of the State for Delaware’, outlining his priorities that included Coastal Zone Act modernization, a renewed focus on economic development and growth, and continuing gains made in education policy, this week was relatively quiet by comparison.

A number of bills were either introduced or heard in committee this week that would have an impact on Delaware businesses.

HB80, a bill that would limit the number of rating factors insurance companies can use to quote auto policies was tabled in committee to allow for the Insurance Commissioner and insurance industry to work towards consensus. The Chamber is monitoring this legislation.

HB109 was released from committee, which would create two new top tax brackets at 7.1% for income greater than $125,000, and 7.8% for salaries over $250,000. Included in the legislation is a provision to eliminate itemized deductions in these brackets over the next few years. The Chamber opposes this legislation.

SB20, the second leg of a constitutional amendment to create a lockbox for Transportation Trust Fund dollars was released from committee. The Chamber supports this legislation.

HB45 with HA1, was released from committee and deals with the Attorney General’s Consumer Protection Unit’s functions. The Chamber worked with the AG’s office and bill sponsor to amend the language. The Chamber supports the measure as amended.

HB1 was introduced this week, which would ban employers from asking candidates during an interview for their salary history. Employers would still be allowed to inquire as to an applicant’s salary expectations. Roughly 50% of Chamber members asked say they do not formally ask for salary history, and the Chamber’s Employer Advocacy Committee will be reviewing the legislation at their upcoming meeting.

The General Assembly will be on Easter Break for the next two weeks, returning Tuesday April 25.