DSCC Lead Groups

DSCC Lead Groups

by Chuck James

The DSCC member survey conducted in 2015 shows that our members consider advocacy and networking to be the strongest value proposition of their Chamber membership. Lead groups are a major component of networking.

The Lead Groups meet twice a month. The members share leads and referrals, do business with one another, share networks, and develop strategic partnerships. Each group is limited to one representative of any given business category. That is, no competitors to inhibit the sharing of leads and market information. We also use lead groups to let prospective members “test drive” the Chamber experience.

We currently have 3 groups – 2 that convene in Wilmington and one that convenes in Newark. There are 65 businesses in the 3 groups. This represents a small percentage of our membership. The question is, how do we leverage this more? Our goal for 2017 is to expand geographically. Our initial expansion goal is to have one new meeting in Kent County and one in Sussex County.

So consider this a call to action. We are looking for new members for the existing New Castle County based groups and a core of businesses in Kent and Sussex to start new groups. Are you looking to expand your business? Do your salespeople need more leads? The investment of a few hours a month can lead to a big payoff. Contact Chuck James about joining an existing group or hosting a new one at cjames@dscc.com or (302) 576-6562.