This Week in Dover

This Week in Dover

by James DeChene

The members of the 149th General Assembly were sworn in this week. Both houses, and both parties, acknowledged the hard work they will face this year to cobble together a budget that meets the needs of Delawareans, while not requiring large increases in revenue. Governor Markell released his final recommended budget Thursday that included a mix of spending cuts and revenue raisers. Included in the budget were increases to the Personal Income and the Corporate Franchise Taxes, a reduction in the senior citizen property tax credit, a requirement for state employees to contribute more to their healthcare plans, and a freeze on spending for new programs.

In addition, committee assignments were confirmed. Notably the Senate has reduced, by consolidation, the number of its committees from 23 to 16. This was done in an effort to eliminate the difficulty Senators had in attending committee meetings where multiple committees met at the same time.

A link to the committees, and their members can be found here.

Next week will be the inauguration of Governor John Carney on Tuesday January 17th.